Revue automobile Renault Kangoo

Manuel du conducteur, revue technique automobile Renault Kangoo, Renault Kangoo electrique

Revue automobile Renault Kangoo

A vehicle 4.21m long with optimized capacity, Renault Kangoo invented the concept of leisure activity vehicles. The compact front end provides more room for the vast, airy cabin. The large sliding doors make the Kangoo more convenient to use. It has five real seats and can carry objects up to 2.50m long, with the passenger seat tipped forward.

In terms of engines, Renault Kangoo ships with the new Energy dCi 75 and 90 units (with a Stop & Start) function, which are cleaner and more fuel-efficient.

Renault Kangoo is built at the Maubeuge plant (France). The former version is still built at the Cordoba plant (Argentina). Both sites are ISO 14001 certified.

Manuel du conducteur Renault Kangoo

Manuel du conducteur Renault Kangoo 2 electrique

Revue technique automobile Renault Kangoo


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